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Family outreach and educational program are provided by Alzheimer’s & Dementia Services of Northern Indiana in conjunction with Milton Adult Day Services.  Care consultations are provided to families to assist them in developing a plan of care to meet their specific needs. The program also assists families in finding and arranging services for their loved one with dementia. Free monthly classes are offered for families with a loved one diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or related dementia.  For a complete calendar listing of support groups provided by Alzheimer’s & Dementia Services on N.I. in your area, please click here and click on the appropriate county.

Support Group

Support Groups are a unique opportunity to gain insight and support as a caregiver of a family member who has Alzheimer’s disease / related dementia.  Milton Adult Day Service, in conjunction with Alzheimer’s & Dementia Services of Northern Indiana, hosts the following support group:

*Free Adult Day Care service is available for older adults while the caregiver is attending this support group. However, one week’s notice is required along with physician documentation or a current chest x-ray or TB test for the person attending the day center.   To arrange, call 574•232•2666.

“The staff’s knowledge of community resources has been a great help to me.” – MW